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unintentional bait

Between the Veils: A Feri Samhain Ritual Retreat Weekend

October 31 - November 2, 2008 in Leyden, MA. Presented by Karina and members of the BlackHeart Feri Line, this Ritual Retreat is in honor of the Mighty Dead. Not a workshop, but a retreat into Feri Ritual space where we will Circle with the Ancestors, enter the psychomantium, perform divination, discuss what happens to the Three Fold Spirit between embodied lives, share a Dumb Supper and participate in a Dream Circle. This is an opportunity to move deep into embodied practice involving the Ancestors, Guardians and divinatory work. Space is very limited. For more information, please contact Karina at sistasea@aol.com or Amy at anatketani@yahoo.com
Tags: feri, witchcraft
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