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Iron Pentacle (Cambridge, MA)


Sierra, Sarah & Ash (John) are proud to be offering Iron Pentacle, one
of the Reclaiming tradition of Witchcraft's core classes.

This is one of our favorite classes, focusing on traits we often
discount but are part of everyone: sex, pride, self, power and
passion. These traits are at the heart of our strength, but they are
also places where many of us carry wounds. The prerequisite for this
class is the Elements of Magic or by permission of instructors.

The cost for the class is suggested at $150-$75, with no one turned
away for lack of funds. It will be held in Cambridge, MA, from Friday
February 27 to Sunday March 1. Times will be Fri 6-10, Sat 10-10, and
Sun 10-3. This event is drug and alcohol free.


If you feel called to explore this sacred work with us, please email
Sarah at swwhedon at gmail dot com for registration forms. You will need to
register with a $50 deposit by February 13 to hold your place.


Sierra Black is a Witch working in the Reclaiming Tradition of
Witchcraft and studying the Anderson Feri Tradition. Her practice
focuses on personal growth and political activism in the context of a
feminist, earth-centered spiritual path. She has been practicing for
15 years, and has worked with numerous teachers including Thorn Coyle
and the Diana's Grove Mystery School. Her writings on Pagan topics
have appeared in newWitch Magazine, Witchvox and Reclaiming Quarterly.
Sierra has been reading Tarot for over a decade. Her Tarot readings combine
careful scholarship in traditional Tarot systems with an array of tools drawn
from her background in Witchcraft. She is a member of the American Tarot
Association. Sierra lives in the Boston area with her family.

Sarah leads New Moon rituals and Full Moon labyrinth walks with
Viriditas. She is a student of the Anderson Feri tradition with T.
Thorn Coyle, and of the mysteries of the container garden on her urban
front porch. Professionally, Sarah teaches Women's Studies and
Religious Studies at colleges in the Boston area. She is committed to
facilitating processes by which individuals and groups can come into
their own knowledge and power, and is particularly thrilled by
opportunities to mentor both a young Goddessdaughter and Godson.

Ash (John) has been a practicing magician for two decades, and aware
of it for almost that long. His magical influences include Starhawk,
Peter Carroll, Douglas Hofstadter, and Robert Anton Wilson, and he is
undertaking a two-year Feri apprenticeship with Thorn Coyle. John
works as a doctoral research candidate in the department of Brain and
Cognitive Science at MIT, where he investigates the statistical and
algebraic properties of human language comprehension and production.
In his copious free time, he tries to exercise enough to stay healthy,
read enough to stay interesting, and pursue what he pretends is an
active social life.

Feel free to distribute this notice to anyone you think may be interested.
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