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Workshop with Thorn Coyle - date grab

Turn On Your (Psychic) Light
with T. Thorn Coyle
March 13-14, 2010
in Somerville (Boston area), Massachusetts (10 min walk from Davis Square T)

There is a light that shines within us, lighting up occluded spaces. Are you clairvoyant, clairaudient, or clairsentient? Everyone is some variation on these, seeing, hearing, sensing or simply knowing. Light up your soul with techniques to expand the senses and aid your psychic opening.

During this highly experiential workshop, we will play games, practice psychic skills, get in touch with our God Soul and our Guides, learn to distinguish among various types of information and impulses, talk about centering and boundary work and do readings for each other.

T. Thorn Coyle is an internationally respected teacher of spiritual practice who has been studying the magical arts for more than 25 years. Author of Kissing the Limitless and Evolutionary Witchcraft, she has a spiritual direction practice by the San Francisco Bay, where she writes, dances, makes music and enjoys life. Thorn is founder and head of Solar Cross Temple and Morningstar Mystery School.

Approximate cost will be $150, with work exchange available.

Registration information will follow in a few weeks! Contact Helix at for more information.
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