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New Spirituality, Esotericism & Healing conference, Northampton, MA

Hi everyone!

This is the first year of "Changing Times, Changing Worlds," and it looks a bit like an effort to start an East Coast Pantheacon. It's quite inexpensive -- $40 if you register before July 20, and the fee goes up in $10 increments to a maximum of $60 at the door. The con features a number of well-known Pagan writers and presenters, including Raven Kaldera, Jane Sibley, Tchipakkan, and Kirk White. I'm teaching a workshop myself ("Preventing Witch Wars: Managing Overlapping Roles in Pagan Communities"). The conference is billing itself as "interfaith," and it looks like a range of presenters from other religious traditions will be sharing on esoteric topics as well.

In addition to focusing on healing and prosperity, the conference is looking to move beyond introductory topics and into material that will be of interest to intermediate and advanced practitioners.

Changing Times, Changing Worlds
November 12-14, 2010
Northampton, MA
Clarion Hotel

You can register and get a great deal of information at the website:

Helix (Christine Kraemer)

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